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    Product & Inventory Management

    Topics on Product & Inventory Management

    How do I create a Matrix item?

    How do I create an Assembly Item?

    How do I deal with items I purchase by the box but sell individually?

    How can I make bulk changes to prices?

    How do I deactivate an item?

    How do I create a Purchase Order and add the items myself?

    How do I use the Item Import Tool?

    Cloud POS // Character restrictions for Item Lookup Codes, Descriptions & Serial Numbers

    Update Matrix Items and Matrix Parent option in wizards

    How do I view or edit product details in Cloud POS Backoffice?

    Can I change a Standard item into a Matrix item?

    What is the best way of accounting for workshop consumables?

    How do I look at stock levels in Goods In?

    Stock In Transit report now available in Cloud Reports

    Cloud POS // Adding a Supplier order reference to a Purchase Order

    Create a Purchase Order using CSV import

    Deleting a Stock Take

    Price change and update wizard

    How to Import Stock Levels from a CSV file.

    Manually Adjusting the Quantity of a Serialised Item (eg. bike).

    Why have these items been added to my purchase order?

    Which items on a purchase order are reserved for a customer?

    Why does my cost price not match the cost price on my Purchase order

    Citrus-Lime Cloud POS - Creating and Editing Suppliers

    Cloud POS // Match your Sell Price to your supplier's MSRP using the Modify Item Price & Sale Price Wizard

    Cloud POS - Revalue Giant stock Cost for brand store sale pricing

    Removing Stock from Saleable inventory

    The Citrus-Lime Cloud POS Recommended Stock Take Procedure

    Cloud POS - Using the Stock Take App

    Understanding Matrix Attributes and Best Practice for Matrix creation

    Supplier Integration - Items Waiting to Import

    Using Custom Assembly Item pricing

    How To Print Price Labels using the Barcode Label Wizard

    Updating Cost price when receiving a Purchase Order

    How do I use the Update Item Reorder Levels and Bin Location Wizard?

    How can I change the supplier of items in bulk?

    Can i make changes to items on a Purchase Order in Bulk?

    Import a CSV to a Transfer

    Importing and exporting from Wizards

    Citrus-Lime Cloud POS - How do I Populate my Database with current stock?

    Item Price Bulk Update - How to Bulk Update Item Prices to Match New Prices Imported via SIM

    Wizards - User now recorded when undoing Wizards

    Stock Level Terminology

    Item Prices // Looking at when Item Prices were Changed

    Licensed Items // Setup and Use

    Understanding Average Weighted Cost

    How do I use Price Levels?

    What are the display options for barcode labels?

    How do I set up Volume Discounting?

    How do I import Alias / barcodes in bulk?

    How do I use the Department & Category Import Tool?

    How do I use the Supplier Import Tool?

    Cloud MT // How do I deactivate items in Cloud MT?

    Can I cancel a Wizard?

    How do I set up and use Commission?

    How do I create a Miscellaneous Labour Item?

    How do I use the Supplier Integration item import functionality when creating a Purchase Order?

    How do I remove obsolete (old season) items from the Items list?

    How do I print Barcode Labels for a group of products?

    Can I change an item from being serialised to standard?

    How do I create a Purchase Order based on reorder levels (Min / Max levels)?

    How do I create a Purchase Order based on customer orders?

    Using the Modify Item Detail Wizard to make bulk changes to items

    Can I change a standard or matrix item to a serialised item?

    How do I create a Purchase Order based on what I've sold?

    Will manually-created products work with SIM?

    How do I view Purchase Orders from a specific supplier?

    Creating an item that you buy as a box quantity and sell as individuals

    Transferring stock between store locations

    How do I receive stock into store?

    Add and update supplier and ordering information

    Deleting a Purchase order

    How do I transfer stock to a Supplier?

    Stocktake // How Do I Create and Complete a Stock Take?

    Updating pricing to match supplier MSRP changes

    How to Hide Items your Supplier no longer supplies

    Reason Codes are now mandatory for Stock Takes

    How do I create a Standard Item?

    Set up an item as MPQ / Master Pack Quantity

    Barcode Label Print Options

    Cloud POS // Updating your MSRP using the Modify Item Price & Sale Price Wizard

    Cloud POS // Offline inventory

    The Citrus-Lime Cloud POS "Quick Fix" End of Year Stock Take

    Creating and using Matrix Templates

    Supplier Integration - Filtering a group of items for import

    Supplier Integration - Items Imported

    How to Print a Price Label for an Individual Item

    Showing sale price on barcode labels

    Adding multiple items to a Stock Take

    Cloud POS Stock Take Assistant - Mobile App (v2)

    Can I Undo changes made in a wizard?

    Scheduling a Wizard

    Importing Data into a wizard

    How do I view the status of a Wizard?

    Wildcard Customer & Item Search

    Customer Order Stock Detail Report - Order Reference, Last Received and Date Created now available

    Cloud POS // How cost prices work with your eCommerce site

    Stocktake // Stock Take Based on a Range of Bin Locations

    Product Management // eCommerce Item Status Visible in Backoffice

    Printing a stock take report

    How do I add a Supplier to an item record?

    Can I change a non-inventory item to a standard or serialised item?

    How do I update supplier barcodes in bulk?

    Unlinking items from SIM in bulk using the Modify Item Detail wizard

    What are the criteria for creating an Alias?

    Cloud POS // How do I apply Commodity Codes (Harmonised Codes) for Customs Items?

    How do I set up Item Messages in POS?

    Why are my barcode labels printing with missing barcodes?

    How do I use the Advanced Item Search in Cloud POS Backoffice?

    What do the different cost fields mean on an Item record?

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