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    Using the Modify Item Detail Wizard to make bulk changes to items

    Within Cloud POS backoffice, there are a number of Wizards to allow bulk changes to the items in your database. 

    The Modify Item Detail Wizard allows the user to:

    Search and filter by Make changes to
    Item type Description
    Item code Barcode Description
    Description Notes
    Price (any) Department / Category
    Price changed (any price) Brand
    Cost Gender
    Stock on hand Season
    Supplier Tax Rate
    Brand Active / Inactive status
    Season Enter Price at POS status
    Gender QTY entry not allowed at POS status
    Department / Category Item not discountable status
    Active Status Allow on purchase order status
    Bin location Packed / item weight
    Enter Price at POS status Label print mode
    QTY entry not allowed at POS status Link to SIM
    Item not discountable status MSRP Changed
    Allow on purchase order status Date Created
    Tax Rate Do Not Order
    Label print mode Commodity Code
    Packed / item weight Country of Origin
    Commodity Code

    Prices can be changed within the pricing wizard. Learn how here.

    Wizards are found in the back office menu, in the Create & Manage Items section:

    Select the Modify Item Detail Wizard.

    You have several options for how to add the items you wish to modify into the wizard:

    If you use the Search And Select option, use the filters, type in any of the fields and click Apply

    Once you have found the required items, you can add them individually or add all searched:

    NOTE: More search fields can be added by clicking Select Columns.  Simply click and drag to place the filter onto the search grid: 

    Once you have selected your range of items, click Edit Items at the bottom of the page to move to the edit screen. 

    Items can be edited individually or in bulk using the text fields or the modify all functions.

    Committing your changes 

    Changes will be visible in the item grid. Once you are happy with the changes, click Save Changes. Then click Commit Changes:

    Matrix Items

    If the items you are editing are connected to a matrix parent, ticking the Update Matrix Items and Matrix Parent tick box will update the changed values on all items within that matrix and its parent. No description changes can be applied if you use this setting (as we cannot update all items in a matrix to have the same description). This will block any description changes on standard items within your wizard as well.

    NOTE: Wizards are processed sequentially, so will be 'queued' and processed one after another.

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