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    How do I use the Modify Item Price & Sale Price Wizard?

    Within Citrus-Lime POS there are a number of Wizards to allow bulk changes to the items in your database. 

    The Modify Item Price & Sale Price Wizard allows the user to:

    Search and filter by To make changes to
    Item type MSRP
    Item code Price (sell price)
    Description Sale price and dates
    Price (any) Band prices A to E
    Price changed (any price) eBay price
    Cost Amazon price
    Stock on hand Website price
    Department / Category  
    Active Status  
    Bin location  
    Enter Price at POS status  
    QTY entry not allowed at POS status  
    Item not discountable status  
    Allow on purchase order status  
    Tax Rate  
    Label print mode  
    Packed / item weight  

    The wizard will also allow you to use SIM to get the supplier's latest prices for:

    • Cost
    • MSRP / current selling price

    The Wizards can be found under the Create & Manage Items section in the backoffice menu.


    Within the Wizards menu, select Modify Item Price and Sale Price Wizard:

    There are two ways to select the items you wish to modify, which we describe below.

    Searching and selecting the items

    If you use this option, the first task is to find the items that require a price change. 

    This can be done by filtering the item list. 



    Once you have selected the relevant items click Apply Formula and Edit Prices at the bottom of the screen:


    Edit Price Screen

    Editing prices through SIM:

    Editing prices with a formula: 


    Price Rounding

    Prices in the price wizard can be rounded to bring the calculated change to the nearest round value or specific value. 

    There are three options:

    Round to the nearest: will round to the nearest whole pound e.g £1.50 and above will round to £2.00 and £1.49 will round to £1.00

    Round up: will round up to to the higher pound value e.g £1.01 and above will round to £2.00 

    Round down: will round down to to the lower pound value e.g £1.99 and below will round to £1.00

    You can also select to round value to end the prices, will use the rounding rules above but end the value stated e.g .99

    Importing a file

    If you already know the items you wish to update, you can import an Excel file of the items and create a wizard.  This option removes the need to search for the items and allows you to make your pricing updates in Excel rather than Cloud POS.

    To use this feature, select Import Items & Create Wizard.

    The columns that must be in the file are:

    Sale Price
    Sale Start Date
    Sale End Date
    Price A
    Price B
    Price C
    Price D
    Price E
    Ebay Price
    Amazon Price
    Website Price

    To aid you in this process, you can click the Generate Empty Template button and this will allow you to download an Excel file which is pre-populated with the mandatory column headers.

    Codes can be either Item Lookup Codes, Supplier Part Codes or Barcodes (Aliases), but they must exist in the database.  Every column you do not wish to change can be left blank as necessary, to indicate that its value should not be updated.

    When you have prepared your file, click on the Browse button to locate it, then click Upload.

    Once the file has uploaded, click View Wizard.

    You'll now see a grid of the items you've imported.  You can use the functionality on the page to make any necessary adjustments.

    Committing your changes 

    Regardless of which method you used to create the wizard, once you are happy with the changes, you'll need to commit them.

    If you've made any adjustments within the grid, you'll need to click Save Changes.  The button will be greyed out if there are no changes to save.

    At this stage, you have the option to update the matrix parents of the items in your wizard, and all items within those matrixes:

    Tick the checkbox if you wish to make those updates.

    If you would like to schedule the wizard to run at a particular date and time, you have the option to do so:

    Once you've saved any changes, click Commit Changes.  The Commit Changes button will be greyed out if there are unsaved changes:


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