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    Citrus Lime Cloud POS API

    The Cloud POS REST API has been created to enable integration to third party software. The REST API allows data to be extracted from, inserted into and amended in the Cloud POS system.

    A list of all the available operations are documented here -  cloudposapi.citruslime.com 


    The REST API relies on an authorisation key to be passed in the header tag. This API Key can be generated through your Cloud POS system, by logging in and navigating to Setup > Configuration  https://pos.citruslime.com/backofficeux/configuration.aspx 

    API keys can then be generated and made active/inactive as appropriate.

    ***PLEASE NOTE***

    To create a new API key, you must first click on New and then complete the fields highlighted in the following screenshot:

    Posting Customer Orders / Work Orders

    In order to post customer orders, a property called 'storeClientCode' needs to be populated to determine which store the order will be posted to. You will need to contact Citrus Lime to retrieve the 'storeClientCode' records for your group. 


    We've created both a VB and C# example project, which shows how to connect and interact with our API. 

    A solution containing both the example projects can be downloaded here (note: you may need to use an incognito window to download the file) - 


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