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    How do I set up Item Messages in POS?

    Cloud POS allows you to create item message templates, which can then be applied to items to provide a notification to the cashier when the item is added to a transaction in POS.

    Possible uses for item messages would be for age-restricted items, where you need the cashier to verify the age of the customer before proceeding with the transaction, or as a prompt to the cashier to offer the customer an extended warranty on an item, for example.

    To create item message templates:

    1)  From the main menu in Cloud POS backoffice, select Setup, then Item Messages Setup;

    2)  Click New and you'll see the three fields in which you can enter information; Title, Message and Age Limit:

    3)  The Title field will display in the heading of the message.  This field is mandatory;

    4)  The Message field is the information that will display to the cashier.  This field is mandatory;

    5)  The Age Limit field is where you would set the minimum age the customer needs to be to purchase the item.  This field is optional, since it may not be applicable to the message you wish to create;

    6)  Once you have populated the necessary fields, click Update to save the template;

    7)  With the template created, you now need to navigate to an item to which you wish to apply the message;

    8)  On the Advanced tab of the item record, under the Item Message section, select the template you wish to apply from the dropdown menu:

    9)  Scroll to the foot of the page and click Save;

    10)  When the item is added to a transaction in POS, a dialog box will appear with the item message:

    Click OK to proceed with the transaction;

    11)  If an age limit has been set within the message, this will also appear:

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