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    Cloud POS // Offline inventory

    managing damaged / demo stock

    The offline inventory allows you to commit damaged / faulty and demo stock, preventing these items being displayed as available in store and online.

    The offline inventory is located in the Back Office main menu, under Stock Management. Click here to open your offline inventory

    Manually adding items to offline

    Within an item card, under the Inventory section, select 'move stock to offline inventory':

    Then select the store to move the stock from and select 'add item to offline inventory':


    Within the offline inventory page, select 'add items to offline inventory'

    First, select your store. (this only applies to multi site retailers)

    1. Use the search filters or wildcard search to find the item

    2. Tick to select the required item

    3. click add item to offline

    4. Add a comment to your stock move, this helps review changes in the future

    5. Adjust the quantity you are moving to offline (Serialised items must be done one at a time with a serial number)

    6. Select you reason code. This will display on the item movement report for future reference. Learn about managing reason codes

    7. For serialised items you will need to enter the serial number of the individual product (you can select an existing one or create a new one).

    8. Select 'add item to offline inventory' to complete the process

    Returning an item to offline at POS

    Please see article on returning and item - Cloud POS - Returning an Item


    Moving an item to online, return a supplier or mark as a demo 

    When an item is in the offline list, there are three options. 

    Move the item back to Main Inventory, this will allow the item to show as available in store and online. 

    Return an item back to the supplier.

    Mark and item as a demo item. This will remove the item from stock completely. 

    1. Use the filters to find the relevant items

    2. Tick to select the item you you wish to change the status of.

    3. Chose the option which you would like to apply to the item('s)

    For items that have been returned to supplier, you can create an inbound transfer to receive the goods once they have been fixed and sent back from the supplier:

    1. Tick the 'Show items returned to supplier' box and then select the item you wish to create an inbound transfer for

    2. Click the 'Create Inbound Transfer' button:

    3. You can then see the transfer in has been created by navigating to Transfers:

    Accessing the offline inventory from the item card

    You can link to the offline inventory from the item card with back office by clicking on the Quantity of the product that is assigned to offline, you cam also use the 'Move stock to offline inventory' button to access the 'Add Item to Offline Inventory' function:

    Accessing the offline inventory from the stock enquiry form

    You can link to the offline inventory from the stock enquiry form

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