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    Step 3 // Managing Your Inventory

    In this section of our Getting Started guides, we look at how to create and structure the inventory in your Cloud POS group so that it works best for the products that you stock and sell.

    Topics covered include setting up your departments and categories, adding details for the suppliers from whom you obtain stock, and the different options available in terms of creating items within your database.

    Some of the steps we focus upon, such as creating items, are tasks that you'll naturally need to do on a repeated basis, as your product range changes over time.

    Understanding the best practice from the outset will help to make this process more straightforward.

    Departments & Categories

    Create the structure in which you'll classify the items in your database:


    Add details for the businesses who supply your stock:


    Set up the brands that you stock:


    Add season information to help you identify current and ageing stock:

    Importing Items via the Supplier Integration Module (SIM)

    Exploring the different options available to create items in your database using SIM, ranked in our recommended order:

    Creating Items

    Guidance on how to create items from existing data you may already have:

    Creating Items Manually

    Step-by-step guidance on how to manually create different types of items from scratch:

    Adding Stock Levels

    Once you've created items in your database, you'll need to add the levels of stock you hold for each item:

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