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    Stocktake // How Do I Create and Complete a Stock Take?

    To create a stock take, go to the back office menu:

    • Navigate to Stock Management > Stock Take. This will then take you to the stock take screen and show all of your previous stock takes;
    • Click New to begin the creation of your stock take;
    • Create your own unique Code and add it to the code field. Enter a Description and select the Store at which you are completing the stocktake, from the drop down menu;
    • If you would like to create a stock take for All Products you can tell the system to do so, by ticking the box at the bottom of the page. If you only want to include selected items you can confirm this on the next page;
    • Click Create;
    •  On the next screen scroll down until you get to the Items on this Stock Take section. From here you can add the items that you would like to count. You have the option of using Quickscan, whereby you can add items to the count list by scanning them. You can also use the Add Item button. This opens filter functionality to enable you to chose the items that you wish to count. The example below shows the items being filtered by department so that a stock take of bikes can be created;


    • After selecting all of the items that you wish to count, click on Apply.
    • From here you can click Print a Stock Take Report. You can then print this and use it to walk the shop and count all of the items listed on the count.  A dropdown list will offer you various options as to what information will display on the Stock Take Report, so you can select what best suits your requirements:

    • When the count is complete the numbers must be recorded. To do this you bring the sheets back and enter the numbers into the Counted fields, against each item. It is important to click on SAVE CHANGES when you have finished entering all of the quantities.

    • Once you have entered all counted quantities and made sure that you have saved all changes, you can now click Calculate & Commit, this will take you to another screen that shows any discrepancies;
    • Discrepancies are highlighted to show if they are over of under the expected amount

    Use the hide no discrepancies tick box to view only the items with discrepancies

    • On this screen if you are happy with the discrepancies you can click Commit Stock Take, this will then set the quantities on your system to match those counted, or you can click Recount to take you back to the previous screen and count again and make adjustments.

    What happens when you commit a stocktake?

    - The on-hand stock levels of your items will be amended.

    - The movement of stock, along with the cost value will be recorded so you can view this in the Item Movement Report in Cloud Reports.

    - We'll also adjust your stock quantities to take account for stock movements in the time between your items being counted, and the stock take being committed. i.e. you've booked an extra 10 units on with a Purchase Order or one has been sold.

    NOTE: in order to commit a stock take you must select a reason code for discrepancies, to be reported on the item movement report for future reference. This can be set for the whole stocktake using the apply reason code function. Simply pick a reason code from the list and click 'apply'. 

    If you have no reason codes setup you will see the below message. 

    You will be required to create a reason code, before commiting. Learn about setting up reason codes here.

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