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    How to Import Stock Levels from a CSV file.

    Initial stock

    If you have stock levels from a previous system or wish to do a bulk upload of stock figures, you can use the stocktake functionality to import these levels onto your system. You will need to create a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file that contains three columns; Column A should be the Item Lookup code, Alias (Barcode/MPN) or the Supplier reorder number, Column B should be the Quantity, and column C should be the date counted  as shown in the example below (this can also be in American format):


    You then need to create a stock take, so go to the Back office > Stock Management and Stock Take. Click new and create your stock take by filling out the description and selecting your store. You would then want to click the 'Create a Blank Stocktake & Add Items' button, this will take you into a new stocktake:

    From the above page you need to click the 'Import' button, 


    Set the options as shown below and then browse for your previously created import file, then click upload. This will then inform you if there were any items that did not work, and you can then click on the View Report link to see where the issues are.


    You can now close this window, which takes us back to the stock take screen, you should now be able to see the items that are going to be updated with the stock values from your file:



    You can now click the 'Calculate & Commit' button which will take us to the screen which shows us the changes to our stock levels if you then check these and everything looks good you can then apply a reason code and click the commit button which will adjust your stock levels:

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