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    Understanding Stock Level Terminology

    A guide on stock level terminology

    Here, we explain the terminology in Cloud POS relating to stock levels.

    On Hand 
    This refers to stock you physically have at any given stock location.
    On-hand stock can be zero or above and should never be below zero.

    Committed  Committed stock is reserved on either; a Work Order (in-store or web order), layaway, workshop job or transfer out. Stock that is held on an order is not displayed as available to sell.

    Cloud POS will automatically reserve any required stock when new stock arrives if it is required to fulfil an order.

    Free stock  This is calculated by subtracting the committed stock from the on-hand stock.
    e.g if you have 10 of an item on hand, and 5 committed on order then your free stock will show as 5.

    Free stock is the stock level that is available to sell and is the local stock level that is sent to your website.

    SIM stock  SIM stock is stock that is available from a supplier, that is linked through our Supplier Integration Module (SIM).  This will be displayed if you have SIM and a licence for the supplier in question.

    Stock in Transit between stores Applicable in a multi-store environment.  Stock in transit occurs when an item has been transferred out of one store but has not yet been committed into the receiving store.

    Stock in Offline Inventory  Stock can be moved to your offline inventory.  This will stop the stock from being available as free stock.  This can be used for damaged stock or demo items which you do not wish to sell.

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