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    How do I create a Miscellaneous Labour Item?

    If you need to create a miscellaneous labour item that has a variable price, we would suggest creating a non-inventory item with zero cost and price as below:

    After clicking Save, you will then need to go to the Advanced tab, and from here tick the 'Must Enter Price at POS' checkbox.  This will mean that when you add the item to the Point Of Sale, it will prompt you to enter the value of labour to charge.

    Normally, for fixed labour items, we would suggest also ticking the 'This item is not discountable at POS' box.  However, for this item you need to be able to manually adjust the price at any given time, therefore do not do this, your settings should look like the below:

    Once you have saved the changes, this item will be ready to use for those jobs where a definable Labour cost is required.

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