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    Will manually-created products work with SIM?

    If you manually create products within Cloud POS and want them to link with the Supplier Integration Module (SIM), now or at some point in the future, there are a couple of things you need to make sure you do correctly:

    1)  The Supplier Part Code must exactly match the supplier's code for that product.  It's also good practice to set the Item Lookup Code to match the Supplier Part Code, but this is not essential.  The example below shows this in practice:


    As long as the above is done, then the system will allow you to use SIM to update this product in the future and see stock of that product at the supplier.  The image below shows the item being updated using the Modify Item Price & Sale Price Wizard:


    What you will not be able to use, is the automatic update functionality on the product, as below:

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