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    Cloud POS - Updating your MSRP using the Modify Item Price & Sale Price Wizard

    You can update the MSRP values in your database using the Wizard functionality, for any supplier you are working with in Supplier Integration (SIM).

    From the navigation, select 'Wizards & SIM Wizards':


    This will take you to the main Wizards page, where you will select the 'Modify Item Price & Sale Price Wizard':


    This will take you to the page where you can select the items you want to work on:


    You can filter this using the column headers to select the items you are wanting to change, or work through the list manually, you select the items by checking the checkboxes on the left-hand side. When selected, you will see a total of the items you wish to work with in the bottom left:

    Once you have the items you wish to work with, select 'Apply Formula and Edit Prices'.

    This will take you to the actual Wizard where you can work on the items:

    From this page, click the 'MSRP' button:


    When the update has run, any changes will highlight in Blue, from here you click ‘Commit Changes’ and the process is complete.


    NB: Wizards are processed sequentially, so will be 'queued' and processed one after another.

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