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    Barcode Label Print Options

    Barcode printing options are available on a per product basis to control have many labels print out for a particular item.

    Normal: All new products are set with up with the normal print option when created. This means if 10 of that particular item are received in a purchase order 10 labels will print out.

    Print One Label: Setting a product to print one label means that no matter how many of that item are booked in on a purchase order, only one label will print. This is useful for items that are received and displayed in a box quantity.

    Never Print: Setting a product to never means that the printer will never print a label for this item.

    Changing the Print Setting - Manually

    Find the item within the item list.

    Select 'Edit Item'.

    Select the Advanced tab within the item card:

    Under the section, 'Label Printing', this setting can be changed:

    Click save after changing this option.

    Changing the Print Setting - In Bulk

    The item wizard can be used to change this setting for groups of items. Read through this article which guides you through this wizard.

    This concludes the article.

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