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    Cloud POS Backoffice // Understanding the Customer Card

    The Basics

    The Basics

    Account Number

    The account number is a unique reference used to identify the customer. It is automatically generated when a new customer is created. This is a required field


    Enter the customers' title here

    First Name

    Enter the customers' first name here

    Last Name

    Enter the customers' surname here. This is a required field

    Contact Information


    Enter the customers’ address here


    Enter the customers’ city/town here


    Enter the customers’ postcode/zip here. If creating through the POS New Customer function, you can use the lookup function to find the customers full address by clicking the 'Use Postcode Look up' function, highlighted in blue


    Enter the customers’ country here


    Enter the customers’ phone number here


    Enter the customer' mobile number


    Enter the customers' email address here


    Enter the customers' fax number here

    Contact Preference

    How does the customer wish to be contacted - Email or SMS (you will need to ensure that you have the corresponding contact details)

    Send Email

    Here you can create an email to send to the customer

    Print Courier Label

    Use this to print a courier label for a parcel going to this customer


    Date of Birth

    Enter the customers’ date of birth here


    Select the customer gender

    Tax Exempt

    Ticking this box will make the customer exempt from VAT. Whenever this customer is selected in POS, VAT will be removed from the transaction

    Tax Number

    Here you can enter a customers’ company VAT number

    Price Level

    You can assign a customer with a product price level. Whenever they purchase a product they will pay the specific price level for that product. Price levels must be set within products to use this function

    Discount %

    Using this function will give the customer a discount of the given percentage on every purchase. Care should be taken when setting a blanket discount as the discount will be applied to all items, even those already discounted


    Here you can enter any notes that relate to this customer. This field is for reference only

    Customer Rewards

    Customer Rewards Account

    Here you will see if the customer is linked to a Rewards account

    Customer Rewards Balance

    This is the Customer Reward Points balance

    Customer Rewards Card Number

    The customers' Customer Reward Card number

    Global Data Protection Regulation (G.D.P.R) Compliance

    Opt In

    Use this tick box to confirm that the customer gives their consent to receive marketing communications. It will also show the opt-In date

    Account Transactions

    Account Type

    Account types are used to apply credit to a customers account. You can choose between a 30 or 60 day due date on outstanding balances 

    Read more about creating Credit Accounts here - Creating a Customer Account Type

    Credit Limit

    Defines how much credit the customer can use on their account

    Account Opened

    This states the date that the customer account was created


    This show the current balance of the customer account


    This table shows payment and charges and adjustment to this customer’s account and the details of the transaction


    Here you can see the activity on the customers' credit account

    Orders & Workshop Jobs Tab

    This tab allows you to search for and view any open orders for the selected customer

    Purchase History Tab

    This tab lists all of the selected customers’ previous transactions and reprints the receipt for any transaction

    Messages and Communications Tab

    This is a list of any communications made through or recorded onto the system

    Delivery Addresses Tab

    Here you will find and edit a list of delivery addresses for the customer

    Gift Vouchers Tab

    This is a list of Gift Vouchers owned by the customer

    Save Record

    Any changes should be saved here (located at the bottom of the Account Information Page)

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