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    Citrus-Lime Cloud POS - Customer Import Tool

    A guide on using the Customer Import Tool to populate your customer database

    We always recommend using one of the templates generated within Citrus Lime POS, this is because they contain the correct fields which are required for the import.

    Go to 'Import Tools' within the back office.


    There are 2 template options for the customer import, either generate a blank template which you can fill in, or generate a template with existing customers.

    Simply click on the button to generate a template, then click on Download file to save the template file on to your computer. The template file format is a Microsoft Excel file.

     For a customer import, the two required fields are Last Name and Gender.

    If using a template with existing customers then the CustomerID field is also required to update the existing customer record – if changed or deleted then a new customer account will be created.

    A full description/guide to all of the fields on the template can be found in this PDF customerfields.pdf

    For any non-required fields, these can be left blank on the template and the records will be set with the default values (as stated in the field PDF).

    The templates contain data validation, i.e. maximum character length and Drop-down selections (for example Account Type will show the account options you have set up in your system). You’ll be shown an error message within Excel if the data is not valid.


    When you have entered all of the data into the template, save it on your computer – the file format must be Excel for the import to work.

    Click on the import customers button


    Click browse to select the file


    Select your file and click Open

    Click Upload


    When the file has uploaded, click Import



    The grid will now populate with the customer records.

    Records will be marked as Error if there are any problems with the data, and the Error Message column will give you a description of the problem.

    If there are records with errors, these will not be imported/updated and will be skipped. We check for any invalid data…

    • Character length of a field is too long.
    • Account Number is already in use.
    • A customer with the same email address already exists.
    • A customer with the same mobile number already exists.
    • A customer with the same first name, last name and postcode already exists.

    You can make changes within the grid to rectify any issues.

    After you’ve made changes, click the Save Grid Changes and Validate Data button, this will be re-validate the information in the grid (i.e. do another check that it’s okay for import/update).


     When you’re 100% happy with the changes to your customer records, or the new customer records you’re going to create then click the Commit Changes button.

    Ensure you check your changes properly as, once committed, the changes are final.

    You’ll then be given a confirmation message to let you know how many customer records have been updated/created.

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