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    Workshop Module // How do I use Workshop Service Reminders?

    You can now schedule to send service reminders directly in the Workshop Module when completing jobs with a service item attached. 

    We have added communication templates ready to go, that can be personalised in the backoffice to fit your individual business. 

    These communications can be managed from the Serviced Items tab on the customer card in the backoffice, and the reminder message will be sent to the email and/or mobile number set on the customer's record at the time of sending. 

    Service Reminder Communication Templates

    In the Communication Templates section of Cloud POS backoffice, you'll find two default Service Reminder templates:

    Clicking Edit next to one of the templates will open up the Template Editor for that particular template:

    You'll notice in the text that there are some sections that are in double brackets, for example, {{CustomerName}}.

    Cloud POS will automatically populate the information in these sections with the relevant data relating to the customer, service item, and store name.

    You can edit the templates as you wish, but if you would like to make use of the auto-fill details, ensure that you keep the relevant text within the double brackets.

    Sending a Service Reminder from Cloud POS Backoffice

    You can set up a Service Reminder from the customer record in Cloud POS backoffice.  Once you have located the customer and opened their account record, go to the Serviced Items tab.  You'll see any Serviced Items already associated with the customer:

    Click on Send Service Reminder next to the relevant item, and you'll see a pop-up window appear in which you can specify the method of communication you wish to use, and when you'd like to send the reminder:

    Once you have made your selections, you'll see this listed in the section titled Scheduled Service Reminders:

    In the example above, we selected to send both an SMS and email in 3 months from the date of creating the service reminder.

    Sending a Service Reminder from the Workshop Module

    When you complete a job that contains a Service Item in the Workshop Module, you'll be asked if you would like to update the Last Serviced Date for the Service Item, and also have the option to send a Service Reminder:

    Once you have made your selections, you'll then be presented with the usual Customer Communications pop-up window, via which you can contact the customer regarding the workshop job you have just worked completed.

    If there is no Service Item on the workshop job, you will not see the prompts to update the Last Serviced Date or send a Service Reminder.

    When are Service Reminders sent?

    The platform will only send Service Reminders between the hours of 08:00 and 17:00, so that your customers are not contacted at unsociable times of the day.

    Cloud POS checks every 10 minutes for any reminders that need to be sent, so if you schedule a reminder to send 'now' it may take up to ten minutes before being sent. 

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