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    Workshop Module // How do I set my Workshop working hours?

    To help avoid problems with Workshop Jobs being scheduled at times of the day when the workshop is closed, you can set your workshop opening hours in Cloud POS backoffice.  This also brings with it the benefit of allowing you to focus the scheduler calendar on your hours of business.

    Workshop working hours are set up in Cloud POS backoffice and are specified at store level, so if you have multiple stores in your Cloud POS group you can set different workshop hours for each store as required.

    1)  To set Workshop working hours, from the main menu in Cloud POS backoffice, go to Setup, then Stores, and click Edit next to the store you wish to update;

    2)  At the top of the page, select the Workshop Information tab:

    3)  In the section entitled Workshop Work Hours you'll see a table in which you can specify the opening and closing hours for each day of the week.

    4)  Click Edit to set the hours for each day.  If the Workshop is closed on a day, click the checkbox marked Closed Today.  When you've set the required hours or set the store as closed, click Update to save the settings and move on to the next day:

    You'll also see above the grid a checkbox marked Allow Workshop Jobs to be scheduled outside of working hours?

    When this box is unticked, it will not be possible to schedule a workshop job outside of the working hours you've specified, and a warning will be displayed indicating this:

    Ticking the checkbox marked Allow Workshop Jobs to be scheduled outside of working hours? will allow a workshop job to be scheduled outside the working hours, but a warning will be displayed on the workshop calendar when the job is moved onto a non-working day or time.

    5)  When you have set the Working Work Hours days and times, and whether you wish to allow jobs to be scheduled outside of working hours, scroll to the foot of the page and click Save.

    6)  When you open up the Workshop Module and use the Scheduler view, you'll see the calendar is arranged around the parameters you specified earlier.  The calendar hours will start from the earliest working time to the latest closing time, and any non-working hours or days will be greyed out.

    In the example below, we have set our working times as follows:

    When viewed on the workshop calendar, this is how the week will appear:

    You can amend your workshop work hours whenever required, using the steps above.

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