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    Cloud MT // How do I make an Item Click & Collect Only?

    You are able to make individual items Click & Collect only in Cloud MT.

    You can do this in an item card, or for multiple items by using a Bulk Wizard.

    Click & Collect Only in the Item Card

    1. Login to Cloud MT.
    2. Go to Item Search (this is in your Quick Links, and also under Item Management).
    3. Find the item you need, and click 'Edit'.
    4. Scroll down to the Item & Stock Handling section of the item card. 
    5. Here you will see an option for Click & Collect Only (Block Mail Order).

      If you wish to make an item available for Click & Collect only, tick this box. You will see the status is Yes.
      If you do not wish to make an item available for Click & Collect only, untick this box. You will see the status is No.

    Make sure you Save Changes at the top or bottom of the page.

    Click & Collect Bulk Wizard

    You can also use a Bulk Wizard to turn Click & Collect only settings on or off for a set of items.

    1. In Cloud MT, navigate to Wizards > Bulk Wizards.
    2. Click 'Manage Item Click & Collect'.
    3. Use the filters and search bars to find the items you would like to edit, and use the tick boxes on the left to select these items. Using the tick box in the header row will select all of the items on the current page.
      You should only process a wizard with up to 1000 items at a time. If you need to edit more than that, you will need to split your items into separate wizards, for example by brand.

    4. When you are happy with your selected items, click the 'Set Selection' button below the grid.
    5. You now have two options - Allow Mail Order or Block Mail Order.

      Choosing Allow Mail Order will make these items available for delivery, i.e. they will not be Click & Collect only items.
      Choosing Block Mail Order will block these items from delivery, i.e. they will be Click & Collect only items.

    6. Take note of the pop-up box at this stage - clicking 'Ok' will commit the wizard changes.


    If you want to see these changes on your site straight away, rather than waiting for the next refresh of your site cache, you can action this in Cache Management.

    There is an article explaining Cache Management in Cloud MT here.

    When a customer adds a Click & Collect only item to their basket, they see the following message:

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