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    Managing Cashiers // How do I create a new Cashier?

    How to get your Cashiers set up in POS

    1)  From the menu navigate to Setup and then Cashiers & Users.  The Cashiers & Users list will appear;

    2)  Select New, located in the top left corner of the grid;

    3)  Complete the form presented.

    • Name - Required Field
    • Email - The email address must be unique. You cannot have two cashiers with the same email address. This is a required field.
    • Telephone - The telephone number for the store at which the cashier is based
    • Security Level - Set the required security access for this cashier.  This is a required field.  Click here for more on Security Levels
    • Store - Use the dropdown to select the correct store for the cashier.  This is a required field.
    • Pin - Set a unique PIN number for the cashier. This is used to quick-switch in POS. Click here for further reading on POS Cashier Quick Switch
    • Active - Activate/deactivate the Cashier access as required

    4)  Click Update and you have created the Cashier in the retail system;

    5)  Back in the main Cashier grid, you now need to create a memorable Password for the cashier.  Passwords must contain a minimum of eight characters and contain at least one uppercase letter (A-Z) and one number (0-9).  Click Set Password, enter the new password and then click OK.  If you need to amend the password in future, you can do so here by following Step 5 again.

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