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    Cloud POS // Can I raise a Purchase Order directly to the supplier? - Electronic Purchase orders

    Raising an ePurchase Order - Electronic purchase order

    The Citrus Lime Cloud POS system gives you the ability to raise Purchase Orders directly to the supported supplier* saving you the time of manually placing the order with the supplier.

    * Current supported suppliers are Cube, Giant, Specialized, and Trek.

    To use this functionality go through the process of creating and populating your Purchase order described in the articles linked below:


    Once you have created and populated your Purchase Order and you are in a position to place the order with your supplier, you will need to click on the options button within the Purchase Order:

    Once you click the Raise Purchase Order button, after a short wait you will be presented with a message as shown below, you will notice that it also checks the cost price and updates this to match the cost price from the supplier at the same time:

    On a refresh of the Purchase Order it will show that it has stored the 'Supplier Order Ref' returned from the relevant supplier automatically:

    It is also worth mentioning that if you try and raise the same PO again you will see a message as shown below, it will not allow you to send the same order again:

    It is possible that some of the lines may fail to be either raised or raised and updated with the latest supplier cost prices. In this event you will receive feedback with a link to an errors page and a count of failed records.

    Clicking the link opens a new browser tab displaying error information as follows:

    Generally the failure would be due to an unrecognised Supplier Part Code in which case the line would not be raised or updated with latest supplier cost price. It is possible that there isn't a latest supplier cost price in which case the line would still be raised with the supplier but not updated.

    If one of the records fail the other lines will still be raised with the supplier (the exception is Cube where this would cause raising/pricing the whole Purchase Order to fail).

    If there is insufficient quantity or the line is out of stock - the line will go on back order with the supplier.

    Prices are customer-specific, in the local currency and is the net cost price i.e. excluding VAT.

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