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    Inter-Store Transfer Functionality

    How do I request stock from another store to fulfill a customer order?

    This article describes the Inter-Store transfer functionality, this enables you to request stock from another store to fulfill a customers order at your store.

    When on Citrus-Lime Point of Sale add an item to the transaction screen that you have not stock of, this will open 'Stock Notification', you will be able to see the option for 'Inter-Store Transfer':

    Click this button, this will open the Inter-Store Transfer window that shows where you have stock available and gives you a number of options to request that stock:

    In the example above I can see there is stock available at the Manchester store, to request this stock I click on the store name and this then highlights the 2 options I have, in this example I click the 'Request Stock Transfer From Store' button, this will then let me know the transfer has been created and also change my transaction into a work order:

    I need to assign a customer to the workorder so that it can be saved, I then go through the usual process to save the order on my system, so tender to take any deposit or just save if no deposit is being taken.

    The system will now have created a transfer out at the sending store that is automatically marked as placed and therefore will appear in the goods out section for that store to issue the stock once it has been sent:

    The staff at the sending store will also receive an email to notify them of the new transfer request, they will then need to issue and commit the transfer:

    Once the stock arrives at the receiving store it will just be a case of receiving and commiting the stock from goods in, on commiting the stock the staff member will see what customer orders the items relate to:

    The customer can now be contacted to inform them of the stock arriving and the stock can be put aside. The rest of the process follows standard procedure for recalling and completing a workorder.

    It is also worth noting that it is possible to request an Inter-Store Transfer from the item options on the Point of sale screen:

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