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    Cloud MT // How do I access Cloud MT?

    Access to Cloud Merchant Tools is controlled by the Product Access level applied to a cashier in Cloud POS backoffice. To set an access level, use the following steps:

    1) Log into your Cloud POS backoffice and, from the main menu, select Setup and then Cashiers & Users:

    2)  Click on the Product Access tab:

    3)  This will show a list of the existing Cashiers set up on your system.  You can use the filters to help if necessary.  

    If the cashier does not exist, you will need to create a new cashier first, before you can set an access level.  See the Related Article for guidance on this.

    4) Ensuring that the Product Name field is set to Cloud Merchant Tools, click Edit next to the cashier you wish to provide with access to Cloud Merchant Tools.

    5) From the dropdown box marked Access Level, select Administrator and then click Update:

    6)  The user will now be able to visit https://cloudmt.citruslime.com/ and log in using the email address and corresponding password saved against their Cashier record in Cloud POS.

    Cloud Merchant Tools is optimised to work in Google's Chrome.  You may find data fails to save properly, slower performance and more bugs in other browsers. Please use Google Chrome. https://www.google.com/chrome/

    Last updated at June 22nd, 2021

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