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    Workshop Module // How do I view the workshop calendar by mechanic?

    Calendar views

    The Workshop Module has different view modes to help the mechanics to organise the work booked in.

    These view options can be found in the top right-hand corner of the Workshop Module:

    The default view shows all jobs for the week split by day.  Clicking the By Mechanic button splits the calendar to display a week for each mechanic, as shown below:

    In the view above, we can see that where jobs have not been assigned to a specific mechanic, the job is shown in both mechanics' calendars. 

    If we then open the job and assign a mechanic, the job will be shown in that particular mechanic's calendar:

    The other view option available is Day & Mechanic.  This option splits each day within the current view down by mechanic:

    In all views, using the +/- functions will add / remove mechanics from the display:

    In the example above, we can see two mechanics.  Clicking the - would remove a mechanic from the view:

    Clicking the + will add a mechanic to the view:

    And again, another + adds a further mechanic:

    To make it easier to locate jobs that still need to be worked upon, you can tick the Hide completed jobs in calendar button:

    Try the different options until you find a view that best suits the users and processes within your business.  When you open the Workshop Module, make sure you change the view to your preferred settings.

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