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    Cloud MT // Find & Filter Automatic Landing Pages

    Otherwise known as "ALPs"


    In order to use Find & Filter Landing Pages, you require :

    • Citrus-Lime Ecommerce
    • Find & Filter based Search Results
    • The Latest Citrus-Lime Ecommerce Update to be applied to your website

    Find & Filter Landing Pages help reduce load times on large Find & Filter results pages. Speed is a key conversion and ranking factor, and since your customers have an ever-growing number of devices able to access your site, over different network speeds, performance is critical to your website's commercial success.

    Landing Pages are created automatically when a predefined number of results has been exceeded (we generally recommend this figure to be set at 500, which is the default). You are able to define this number in Cloud MT, by navigating to Item Organisation > Find & Filter Landing Pages. See below for more guidance on changing your Landing Page settings.

    The Dynamic Components of a Landing Page

    1. Additional Navigation Options - This is set of links on the left of the page. It shows a list of options based on your current Find & Filter results set. These link will take you to a new results page with a more refined set of items. 
    2. Page description & image - The information you add to a Find & Filter results page will be brought across to a Landing Page. However, for a Landing Page it might be more useful to use this information to link to more relevant content, adding a couple of paragraphs to guide a customer to a more refined results page. 
    3. Product Highlights: Product Repeaters - On each Landing Page, there are 2 sets of products, showing 'N' number of Latest Items and 'N' number of items with the largest discount. (If there are no discounted items within the relevant results page, the second repeater hides.)

    We will automatically convert a Find & Filter results page into a Find & Filter Landing Page and output the dynamic components. For SEO purposes, the URL of the Landing Page is the same as the results page; it's important you understand that as a result you will no longer be able to access that specific result set, other than as a Landing Page. For example:

    If I set the "trigger limit" for Find & Filter Landing Pages to be 500, and I visit the "Bikes" page (/bikes), and the quantity of products in this page is 502, then I will not see a 'standard' results page of items. Instead, I will see a set of navigation options in a column on the left of the page. These will help me refine my results by linking to a secondary results page with less results. I'll also see a description and large image (both optional) which can help me describe the Landing Page and link through to more relevant results. I'll also see two product repeaters — a set of latest items and a set of items with the most discount. This Landing Page layout makes my results page load faster for my customers, and helps them to more quickly find the product(s) they're looking for within a large results set. It also highlights offers and new releases to my customers.

    Here is an example of what a Landing Page could look like:

    Changing your Landing Page Settings

    You can adjust your Landing Page settings, and force results pages to be Landing Pages, by navigating to Item Organisation > Find & Filter Landing Pages.

    Max Item Count — this is the "trigger limit" for automatic Landing Pages. 500 is the default and the recommendation. This means any results pages with over 500 items would convert into a Landing Page.
    Latest Count — this is the number of items that will be generated in the 'latest items' repeater. The maximum is 100.
    Best Value Count — this is the number of items that will be generated in the 'best deals' (most discount) repeater. The maximum is 100.
    Sale Item Focus — ticking this box will prioritise your sale items. 

    Below these settings, you will see a grid with all of your Find & Filter results sets. This allows you to force a particular results set to convert to a Landing Page.

    **Please note that Landing Pages are not supported for Collections.**

    Activating Landing Pages

    It's important to note that once you activate Landing Pages, there's no going back. Any results page which has an appropriate number of items to trigger to feature will automatically be opted-in. However, you can change the threshold to weed out any results pages that you don't want changing to a Landing Page. For guidance, we recommend discussing this with your account manager.

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