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    How do I see a supplier's stock availability in SIM?

    Explaining how supplier stock availability works within the Supplier Integration Module (SIM)

    One of the major benefits of the Supplier Integration Module (SIM) is the ability to see what your suppliers have in stock.  

    If you have an ecommerce site, you can also use web SIM functionality to allow your customers to purchase items from you that you may not hold in local stock, but which are in stock with your supplier.  

    This article explains how stock availability gets from the supplier and into SIM.

    Citrus-Lime will obtain, from the supplier, data which lists the current stock availability of items the supplier holds.  How frequently this data is obtained is dictated by the supplier's ability to provide the information.  In most cases, this is on a daily basis, but some suppliers are able to provide stock data more frequently within a 24 period.

    The stock data will usually be provided by the supplier at the same time each day.  This allows Citrus-Lime to automate processes which read the stock data into our platform, once the data has been received.  Most stock data is received overnight.

    So, for example, if we obtain stock data from Supplier A at 04:00hrs each day, the automated process to update the supplier stock availability in SIM will begin shortly after this time.

    Once the process has completed, the latest stock availability information for Supplier A will be present in SIM.  How long the process takes will depend on the number of products in the supplier's inventory, so this can vary from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

    I've just used SIM to import some items from Supplier A into Cloud POS - when will I see the supplier's availability?

    You will not see the supplier's availability of these items until the next automated process for Supplier A has completed.  Once the items are in your Cloud POS database, the process will recognise the need to provide you with supplier stock levels for those items, in addition to updating the supplier stock for any pre-existing items.

    This being the case, and using our example of Supplier A's stock data schedule, it will be the following day when you would see the supplier's availability of the items you have just imported.

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