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    Customer Order lists / reports

    There are two ways to find and review your customers' Work Orders, Layaways, Workshop Jobs and Quotes within the backoffice.

    Customer Orders, including Workshop: This is a summary of your customer’s orders showing customer detail, order type, deposits…

    Customer Orders Stock Detail: This is a line by line list of all items currently on order / reserved for your customers and the details of the order they are in…

    Both reports are located within the Customers, Receipts & Orders section of the backoffice menu.

    Customer Orders, including Workshop

    Customer Orders Stock Detail

    All Available Filters:

    • Acc. Number
    • Brand
    • Category
    • Client Ref
    • Customer
    • Date Created
    • Department
    • Description
    • Due Date
    • Free stock (Global)
    • Free stock (Store)
    • Item Type
    • ItemLookupCode
    • Last Received Date
    • On Hand Stock (Store)
    • Order Actions
    • Order Line Status
    • Order Number
    • Order Ref.
    • Order Status
    • Postcode
    • Price
    • Qty Collected
    • Qty on Customer Orders (Global)
    • Qty on Customer Orders (Store)
    • Qty on Purchase Order (Store)
    • Qty Ordered
    • Season
    • Soonest PO # (Store)
    • Soonest PO Date (Store)
    • Status
    • Store
    • Supplier
    • Type

    For Closed Orders, you can view Tracking Details (if available) by clicking the Order Actions button.  This will display a menu as below:

    Click the View Tracking Details button and this will display the information where available:

    If there is no tracking information, this will be stated as such:

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