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    Cloud POS // What's in the January 2024 release?

    We are updating Cloud POS, here are the details of what  to expect from this release:

    Payment Links are now available through CitrusPay   *Requested by users via our Feedback Forum*

    In this update, we're happy to introduce the integration of CitrusPay Payment Links. This feature allows users to effortlessly generate payment links directly from the Cloud POS. It enables secure remote transactions, providing your customers with a convenient way to settle payments for goods and services. 

    Time Clock *Requested by users via our Feedback Forum*

    We're introducing the Time Clock feature, allowing cashiers to seamlessly "clock in" and "clock out." This addition ensures precise hour tracking, facilitating accurate payroll calculations. Cashiers can conveniently monitor their Time Clock Status via the Help Menu and access a dedicated report within the Cloud Reports (coming in a release soon) for comprehensive tracking of team hours.



    New Feature Developments

    • Item Quick scan functionality has been added to the Task Pad.
    • Order & Transaction receipts can now be sent from the Backoffice to customer's via SMS - allowing you to effortlessly share quotes and other important information with customers, enhancing communication and convenience
    • Till configuration options (amended in the Backoffice) now include the ability to hide the courier label preview. This improvement allows for a quicker order processing experience by swiftly returning users to the POS after printing a courier label.
    • Volume discounting has been implemented. 


    • Customer email addresses have been added to the Order Recall Grid.
    • Validation of prepopulated tender amounts for e-commerce orders. Meaning integrated payments cannot be over-tendered in error.  *Requested by users via our Feedback Forum*
    • We've streamlined editing of delivery addresses on a single page.
    • The button spacing has been increased when viewing customer quick search results.  *Requested by users via our Feedback Forum*
    • Performance enhancements and improved loading behaviour across various views.
    • Addition of the change calculator for Swiss Francs. 
    • Styling of the Data Protection text has been improved for clarity. 
    • The clear customer icon has been updated to better indicate the action.  *Requested by users via our Feedback Forum*
    • Addition of the familiar workshop icons to the workshop job detail options. 
    • Bin location information is now visible in the item information accordion.  *Requested by users via our Feedback Forum*

    Bug Fixes

    • Email HTML formatting for tables is now retained for use in communications templates from the POS.
    • Returning back from viewing a gift voucher will no longer pop the full-size receipt unintentionally.
    • Resolution of errors hindering moving orders between stores.
    • Fixes have been made to prevent items from being added during the order recall process. 
    • An error causing a reason code to be entered when not required has been fixed.
    • Line Comments will now maintain line breaks on receipts, ensuring clearer and well-organised information presentation.
    • An issue caused by browser autofill when editing a customer's delivery address has been fixed, ensuring error-free address modifications.
    • The mobile number is now included in the customer quick search functionality. 


    Note: Cloud POS V1 is nearing its end of life and all updates are now only for Cloud POS 2.0.



    • Strengthened password requirements for new and updated passwords (special characters are now required).
    • Preparatory work is underway for the implementation of 2-factor authentication in future releases.

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