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    Cloud POS // Hotpatch 21st May 2024

    We are updating Cloud POS. Here are the details of what to expect in this release:

    New Features

    • CitrusPay Payment Links improvements  *Requested by users via our Feedback Forum*
      • Active status added to Payment Links. This will allow you to deactivate any historical links that are no longer required.
      • The visibility of security risk checks has been added to the CitrusPay Payment Link History grid. 
    • A "Requires Action?" status is now set - this will allow you to mark when a payment link has been actioned (i.e., the payment has been added to an order/transaction). 
    • Added the ability to create a payment link for an "ad-hoc" value without the requirement to add a miscellaneous item to the transaction/order. 
    • You can now process refunds via the CitrusPay Payment Link History page in the back office and see the full history of the payment. 



    • The Fee amount is now shown on the Aurora/Dejavoo X/Z Balance report.
    • Aurora/Dejavoo terminals will now respect the receipt options set in the portal.

    Bug Fixes

    • Error handling improvements for occasional unknown error seen when using Aurora/Dejavoo Pin Pad. 


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