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    Cloud POS // What's in the March 2021 Release?

    Details of the Cloud POS release due to go live March 2021

    Important background work  

    We continue to complete background work to allow us to process more transactions and to grow our capabilities alongside our retailers growth.


    You can now calculate commission directly in Cloud POS. There are 2 types of Commission supported, Value based and Percentage based. These can be set against Items specifically or against an entire Category. The Item Detail Wizard has been updated to allow the setting of commission values against items and a new Wizard to manage Commission set against Categories has been created. We also support the blocking of commission being earned.



    An update to Cloud Reports is planned to add the commission information onto the Sales Rep Report. 

    Cancelling Pending Wizards **Requested by users via our Feedback Forum** 

    There is now the option to cancel pending Wizards. Values will be reverted for any records which have already been processed at the time of cancellation.


    Advanced Item Search**Requested by users via our Feedback Forum** 

    We have listened to your feedback and have added an Advanced Item Search. This allows the frequently requested option to sort and filter by stock levels. Column Select is also available on this page, giving you more options for filtering your item searches. 


    Note: With added functionality comes a sacrifice with speed. That is why we have added this as a separate page, rather than adding this functionality to the existing Item Search page. 

    Workshop Start and End Times 

    • You can now set Workshop Calendar Start and End times via the Store page. https://s3.amazonaws.com/helpjuice-static/helpjuice_production%2Fuploads%2Fupload%2Fimage%2F3798%2Fdirect%2F1613573605875-1613573605875.png 

    This allows staff to clearly see when booking in Jobs when the Workshop is open, should a job be booked outside of business hours then the user would be shown a warning.


    Backoffice General

    New Feature:

    • A4 Gift Receipt - There is a now an option to print an A4 Gift Receipt from the Customer page, under the Purchase History Tab.  **Requested by users via our Feedback Forum**
    • Grids for Purchase Orders, Transfers, Goods In and Goods Out: no longer allow sort by number, you can still use filters.
    • Cashier grid now refreshes when password set so that confirmation of the change can be seen in the UI.
    • Cashiers external product access managed via Product Access tab on Cashiers Grid. Currently this is only managing Merchant Tools access, however it is planned that user access to Cloud Reports and Customer Rewards will be managed from this page.



    • ClAdmin user  (Original Admin user for a group) are no longer able to log into Canny. Users must have their own Canny account.
    • Mailchimp Integration UI on the configuration page updated. API key validation can now be tested.
    • UI improved to clearly indicate that the Mechanics assigned store cannot be edited.
    • Improvement to logging of failed background updates to assist helpdesk with supporting clients.
    • When a gift voucher scheme is created Voucher Items will now be assigned the business name as a brand. This is because brand is a required field when activating items on eCommerce sites.
    • Supplier Delivery Window field now has a max value.
    • Pasting of incorrect values prevented on Supplier page (eg: text into number field).
    • Speed improvements to Picklist 

    Bug Fixes 

    • Issue causing deadlocks on Picklist has been fixed.
    • Supervisor security level now prevented from adjusting stock levels.
    • Stock Take "Difference" calculation improved to handle scenario where negative value expected and 0 counted. 
    • Bug fixed preventing images being saved in a communication template



    Bug Fixes 

    • A bug causing eCommerce data to delete when an Item added to an Assembly has been fixed.
    • A bug preventing a Matrix Child Item being on eCommerce site if it had been added to an Assembly before it was added to a Matrix has been fixed. 
    • Matrix Items imported will no longer have a blank dimension 3 title.
    • A bug causing Matrix Parent to not be activated on import has been fixed.
    • A bug preventing Last Update from SIM date being set in some circumstances has been fixed.



    • The print /email buttons will now always be visible if the customer has an account type set, regardless of whether they have an outstanding balance.
    • Mobile Number column has been added to Customer Search Grid. **Requested by users via our Feedback Forum**  

    Purchase Orders and Transfers


    • Option to print Purchase Order with and without costs - this also applies to Purchase Orders which are emailed to suppliers.
    • Enabled import of CSV with more than required columns, this will enable user to use The Citrus- Lime Stock Take app to also book in deliveries. **Requested by users via our Feedback Forum**  
    • Supplier info email and web address are now hyperlinks.
    • The SIM available checkbox has been made read-only.
    • The ability to delete Store-to-Store Transfer Ins has been removed. **Requested by users via our Feedback Forum**  
    • Transfers cannot be deleted if a Serial Number is assigned to any of the entries.
    • Supplier Order Reference is now maintained on Inter-store Transfers. **Requested by users via our Feedback Forum**


    Bug Fixes 

    • VAT now calculated correct for shipping against purchase orders.
    • Bug preventing lower case characters being recognised on Import has been fixed.
    • A bug preventing a new Purchase Order generating for remaining items if the originals Title was at maximum length has now been fixed. The title will now be trimmed accordingly.
    • Error page added when incorrect Purchase Order ID used in the URL.
    • Save changes enabled when data has been pasted into the Purchase Order header details. **Requested by users via our Feedback Forum**  
    • Save changes enabled when characters removed in the Purchase Order header details.
    • All lines no longer added to a Transfer In when only partial Transfer.
    • File name of export from Transfer corrected to say Transfer rather than Purchase Order.


    New Feature 


    • We've added logging of eReceipt sends - the relating Cloud Report will be made available soon.
    • Error improved when the eReceipts service is unavailable.
    • Improved handling of card payment timeouts in the POS UI.https://s3.amazonaws.com/helpjuice-static/helpjuice_production%2Fuploads%2Fupload%2Fimage%2F3798%2Fdirect%2F1613411996440-1613411996440.png
    • Items without a category set can no longer be processed in POS, a warning message will be shown explaining which item requires a category to be set before the Item can be tendered. 
    • Header drop down filter added for Department and Category when searching for an item in POS. **Requested by users via our Feedback Forum**  
    • Serviced Item Column now added to the recall order grid - this will be shown when a workshop module license is present. **Requested by users via our Feedback Forum**  
    • Improved logging of Payment Sense transactions to assist the helpdesk with support queries
    • Klarna orders with a negative loyalty points line (when customer rewards have been redeemed online) can now be processed in POS 

    Bug Fixes

    • eReceipts are now sent when an Work Order or Layaway is updated as well as created - a transaction receipt will be sent instead when items are picked up/despatched.
    • A bug preventing hyphenated customer accounts being edited in POS has been fixed.
    • A bug preventing all items being removed when selecting "Remove All Items and Tender" if an Item had already been selected for Pickup, has been fixed.
    • Ordering by Price on the Item Search in POS is now fixed.



    Bug Fix 

    • Quantity on PO field now reporting correctly.
    • List View - clearing dates no longer causes error.



    • Code improvements to wizard updates.
    • Linked to SIM field prevented from being set on Items not imported from SIM through Modify All & Importing.
    • 10,000 item limit now includes multistore wizards, Eg: if wizard is for 4 stores the maximum number of items to that could be selected for edit would be 2500.
    • Update Matrix Items will now only update child item active status if that field has been amended. **Requested by users via our Feedback Forum**  
    • A button added to View all Wizards of that type from the Wizard edit page.
    • Quick scan to add now trims whitespace.
    • Commodity Codes now an available column when selecting items to add to a Wizard.
    • Wizards will now default the set date to todays date, making date time selection quicker. This this default is the same as run immediately, if you don't set a time in the future then it will run immediately.

    Bug Fixes

    • Failed items when undoing an Item Type wizard are now logged.

    Time Zones

    New Feature 

    • Cloud POS now supports different Time Zones. 


    New Feature:

    • A new Item Detail controller has been added to the API. Options added to Get (which fetches a list), GetById and GetByItemLookupCode (which fetch a single item).


    • Account number is no longer a required field when inserting a new customer.



    • On Hand Store Quantity has been added as an available column to Customer Order Stock Detail.
    • Order Status is now visible and editable in the Customer Orders Stock Detail report.

    Bug Fixes 

    • A bug causing incorrect shipping charge to be shown on the Customer Orders Stock Detail page, has been fixed.

    Last updated at March 1st, 2021

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