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    Customer Communications Tool // How do I create Communication Templates?

    Communication Templates allow you to create standardised messages that you can use when you need to contact customers.  They can help you save time by removing the need to create an individual message each time you wish to communicate with a customer.  You can simply apply the appropriate template and send the message.

    From the main menu in Cloud POS backoffice, navigate to Setup and then select the Communication Templates option:

    From the Communication Templates screen, you can create new, edit or delete existing templates.

    Create a New Communication Template

    1)  Click the New button on the Communication Templates summary screen :

    2)  This will open the Template Editor panel:

    A Communication Template is made up of four parts :

    1. Title
    2. Type
    3. Subject
    4. Content

    Title - This is the name you give the template to help you locate it in Cloud POS. Your customer will never see the Title.

    Type - There are three Communication Types :

    1. Email
    2. SMS
    3. Note

    A 'Note' is used to record a note against the customer record. This is most commonly used following a telephone call from or to the customer.

    Subject - This is used to describe the context of the communication. It is also used as the Subject Line of an email communication, so will be displayed to the customer.

    Content - This is the main body of content that makes up the communication template. You do not need to add a greeting (eg: "Dear Mr Doe", "Hi John") or signature to your template Content, as this is done automatically by the Customer Communications feature.  However, you are advised to complete the Content with a Sign Off that matches the tone of your business.

    When you've created a template, click Save Template to save this for future use.

    You can create as many templates of any type as you require. 

    How does this work in practice?

    We've created the example email template below:

    When we come to send use this template to send a message to the customer, we can see how the greeting and signature have been automatically added:

    And now when the message is received by the customer:

    Watch A Video:

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