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    Workshop Module // How do I use Workshop Booking Reminders?

    To help reduce the number of no-shows, you can automatically remind your customers when they've got a workshop booking by SMS and/or email. 

    We have added communication templates ready to go, that can be personalised in the backoffice to fit your individual business. 

    You can select how many days prior to the workshop booking the reminders will be sent.  The reminder message will be sent to the email and/or mobile number set on the customer's record at the time of sending, for any bookings that haven't been marked as checked in. 

    Workshop Booking Reminder Communication Templates

    In the Communication Templates section of Cloud POS backoffice, you'll find two default Workshop Booking Reminder templates:

    Clicking Edit next to one of the templates will open up the Template Editor for that particular template:

    You'll notice in the text that there are some sections that are in double brackets, for example, {{CustomerName}}.

    Cloud POS will automatically populate the information in these sections with the relevant data relating to the customer, service item, and store name.

    You can edit the templates as you wish, but if you would like to make use of the auto-fill details, ensure that you keep the relevant text within the double brackets.

    If you'd prefer to just show the booking date and not the time, you can use {{BookingDate}} rather than {{BookingDateTime}}.

    Scheduling Workshop Booking Reminders

    You can control workshop booking reminders from the Workshop Information section of Cloud POS backoffice.

    From the main menu, navigate to Setup, then Stores, then click Edit next to the store you want to work on.

    At the top of the page, select the Workshop Information tab:

    Scroll down the page to the section titled Workshop Booking Reminders:

    Here, you can select whether or not to send workshop booking reminders, and also specify the number of days before a booking that a reminder will be sent.

    The platform will only send workshop booking reminders between the hours of 08:00 and 17:00, so that your customers are not contacted at unsociable times of the day.

    Booking reminders will not be sent for jobs which are marked as 'Checked In' or 'Bike Build'.

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