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    Customer Rewards // How do my customers see their Points balance?

    Customer Rewards points balance notification emails will be sent on a monthly basis to any customers with an active Rewards account.  Customers can unsubscribe from receiving these emails if they wish.

    Additionally, for an up-to-date picture of their Rewards points balance, customers can sign in to your e-commerce site and they'll see their points balance displayed:

    Once the customer is signed in:

    NOTE:  Customer Rewards points are only generated after a transaction has been tendered through the Point Of Sale, so a customer making a purchase online will not immediately see any points they will earn from that purchase.  

    A general rule of thumb is that points earned today will be available to redeem tomorrow, although this tends to be more rapid in practice.  Keep in mind that Customer Rewards is a loyalty scheme designed to encourage repeat custom; immediate availability of points would be at odds with this concept.

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