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    Customer Rewards // How do I manage Points Generation and Promotions?

    Firstly, log into the Customer Rewards Store Interface using the credentials that you have been provided.  This is where you manage all aspects of your Customer Rewards scheme.

    The URL is https://customerrewards.citruslime.com/ (bookmark this page)

    NOTE:  You will need to have Administrator access to Customer Rewards to carry out this activity.  Users with Viewer level access cannot edit any of the areas described below. 

    Points Multiplier

    On the main dashboard page, you will see the Points Settings.  This will have been preset to your requirements when your Rewards scheme was activated.

    The Points Multiplier dictates how many points all customers will be awarded when making a purchase:

    This can be adjusted from 10 points for every pound spent, up to 500 points for every pound spent.  If you adjust this, you will see the redemption value of those points change accordingly.  See the example below:

    This should be adjusted with extreme caution because it affects ALL points generation.  We do not recommend you use the Points Multiplier to run promotions.

    Setting up Promotions

    This section is accessed from the main menu option entitled Promotions.

    When you access this section, you will see a list of any promotions which have been previously set up.  Information in this window allows you to see at a glance the name of a promotion, its start and end dates, the type of promotion and an overview of what it applies to, the value applied, and whether it has been made active.  You can also Edit existing promotions from this page.  The quick filter buttons above the list allow you to view promotions in a particular status.

    To set up a new promotion, click the Create Promotion button.

    You'll now see a blank promotion ready for you to set up as required.  Complete the sections and fields according to the below:


    • Name: The title you wish to give your promotion. Aim to make this descriptive so you can identify it easily in your list of promotions;

    • Active: When this box is ticked, the promotion will run between the start and end dates you specify up further down the page. A promotion will not run if it has not been marked as active. Note that activating a promotion is a manual process; it does not automatically become active when the start date is reached.

    • Description:  Add further text describing the promotion if required. 


    • Start Date: The date when the promotion will start. This uses midnight as the start time, so effectively starts at 00:00:01hrs;

    • End Date: The date when the promotion will end. This uses midnight as the end time, so effectively ends at 23:59:59hrs;

    • Type: Use this to specify which items the promotion will be applied to. You can select from All Items, Department, Category, Brand, One Item, Season, or On Sale;

    • Matches:  The options which appear here are dictated by the Type you selected.  You'll see a dropdown box appear if you use a Type that requires further options to be selected.
    • Delete

      Setting the type - Hierarchy 

      When setting the type of promotion, you should consider your currently active or planned promotions. The promotion type works as per a hierarchy:

      One Product
      On Sale
      All Products

      As an example, if you have a promotion currently active to award double points on a particular Brand but you also have a promotion active to block the earning of rewards on Sale items, any item which is on Sale within this Brand will earn rewards points. 

    Secondary Filter

    You can apply a secondary filter to further target your promotion to a more specific set of items.  You'll need to save the promotion by clicking the Create button before you'll see the option to Add A Secondary Filter.  For the promotion to be applied to an item, the item will need to match all the criteria set in the original and secondary filters.


    On Sale

    Please note that the Target items in Star Buys will be treated as 'On Sale' items. For example, if you have a promotion with a 0 multiplier for items that are 'On Sale', the customer would earn points on the Star Buy Source item, but not on the Target item, as it will be discounted.

    Promotion points / Penalty

    • Type: Use the dropdown box to select between Multiplier and Promotion Points. See below for an explanation of these options.

    • Value: Multiplier will use your base rate of points and multiply this by the figure you set here. For example, if your base rate gives 10 points for every £1 spent, setting the value to 2 will mean 20 points will be earned for every £1 spent on items included in this promotion.

      Promotion Points will award a fixed number of points equivalent to a cash value, for example, 5000 points equates to £5.00. The points will be awarded regardless of the price of the item being purchased.  Use this option carefully, as there is the potential to offer a cash value in points greater than the purchase price of an item.

    When you've completed all the relevant fields, click Save Changes to create the promotion, remembering to mark the promotion as Active if you're ready for it to take effect on the start date you've specified.

    Once saved, you cannot delete a promotion, but you can untick the Active checkbox to prevent it from running.

    Using Promotions to prevent point accrual

    You are also able to create promotions that prevent customers from earning points.  You may choose to use this for specific items, for example, you may not want customers to earn points on items such as labour, shipping or sale items.

    Here you would create a separate promotion for each of the items, setting the Points Multiplier to zero, as shown in the image below:

    In the example above, we have created a promotion that will prevent any Rewards points from being earned on the sales of any items in the department 'Workshop'.  We have set the end date far into the future so that the promotion will run continually.

    Be careful when creating promotions to prevent points accrual.  For example, if you are blocking entire departments, think carefully about the items within that department and whether it may include some items on which you would like your customers to earn points.  In some cases, it may be worth creating a number of promotions to be more specific about what you block - and you can always deactivate promotions if you find they're not working in the way you'd intended.

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