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    Why am I not receiving web order confirmation emails?

    If you are receiving email in general but not web order confirmation emails, or emails from the Contact Us form on your ecommerce site, and you have checked that they are not being sent to your junk mail folder, then it is likely to be a result of anti-spam measures with your email infrastructure.

    Web order confirmation emails are sent from our servers but, in very simplified terms, 'the internet' can recognise that our servers are not the usual source of emails coming from your domain.  As such, this can appear suspicious to anti-spam systems, since it can look as though we are attempting to 'spoof' emails for your domain.

    To get around this, you will need to create or modify the SPF record in the DNS settings for your domain.

    If you DO NOT have an existing SPF record, you can create a TXT record in the DNS as below:

    v=spf1 ip4: ~all

    If you have an existing SPF record, you will need to add the following information: ip4:

    Note: How you add this will depend on the setup of your existing SPF record - we cannot offer specific advice on this.

    Doing this essentially tells 'the internet' that our servers are allowed to send emails on behalf of your domain.

    Once you have created or modified your SPF record with the above information, you should find you will start to receive the confirmation emails.

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