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    Matrix Items // Reorder Attributes

    A quick guide on how to reorder any matrix attributes that are showing online in the incorrect order

    The order of item attributes (size, colour etc) is set inside the matrix parent within Citrus-Lime POS Back office.

    This order can be changed if the order is not logical for consumers on the e-commerce product page.

    Step 1 - Check the Attributes in Citrus-Lime Cloud POS

    Navigate to the matrix parent item card in Backoffice.

    Navigate to the add dimensions and create or manage matrix items section.

    Each matrix component can be moved up and down in order by ticking the tick box and clicking ‘move up’ or ‘move down’ buttons.

    How you set the attributes here is how they should appear on your website.

    Step 2 - Look at the Attributes in Merchant Tools

    Navigate to the item card in Merchant Tools.

    Once in the correct item, click on the Stock and Delivery tab and then the Inventory tab.

    You should find that the attribute order matches that in Cloud POS. It may be listed in the opposite order but will be in the correct order.

    Step 3 - Check the Attribute Order on the Product Page on the front end of the Website

    Navigate to the product page on the front end of the website.

    Check that the attributes are listed in the correct order.

    Step 4 - Synchronise Attribute Ordering

    If they are not correct, as is shown in the above image, you are able to fix this easily.

    Navigate back to Cloud POS and go to Setup > Configuration in the main menu.

    Scroll down the page until you reach the section named CITRUS STORE.

    This section of the page contains information about your connected Citrus-Lime eCommerce platform.

    You can see how many websites you have, the primary website and there is a link to Merchant Tools.

    To correct your attributes, simply click on SYNCHRONISE ATTRIBUTE ORDERING.

    When you click this button the system will look for any Attributes that are in the incorrect order, compared to Cloud POS and correct them.

    You should now go back to the affected item and check that it is now showing correctly. 

    If you find that the item is still in the wrong order, ensure that you are not viewing a cached paged by viewing it in an incognito window. You may also need to clear the cache server-side. 

    More information on how to manage your website's cache read through this article - Merchant Tools - Caching & Cache Management in Citrus-Lime eCommerce

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