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    Courier Integration - Adding a Service to Shipping Options

    The Courier Integration Module allows you to dynamically manage services on your Citrus-Lime Ecommerce site and within POS when creating a label.

    If you need to add a shipping option for your ecommerce setup and/or for when you book services, you will need to log in to your account on ship.citruslime.com, go to the menu and select Setup Services & Rules :

    On the next section click the Edit / Add services button to take you to a list of all of the currently setup services. 

    To create a new service, click on the new link at the top of the left-hand column. 

    This will open a new service for you. 

    Enter the relevant information using the descriptions as the top of the page to guide you. Once all the information has been entered make sure you click the Update link in the bottom right hand corner :

    If you have a website with us the above information will feed through to it, i.e. the Base Retail Price will appear at checkout etc.

    The 'show in eCommerce site' name will also display to the user in the point of sale. 

    This completes the creation of a shipping service.

    If there are any missing services for your courier in the drop-down menu then contact us to see if they can be added.

    Last updated at June 16th, 2018

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