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    Courier Module // Brexit customs requirements

    Advice Issued: 16th December 2020

    We first and foremost recommend that you follow all government guidelines with regards to customs requirements when shipping goods outside of the UK – we will do our utmost to support you during this transition period. 

    We have been through and reviewed the customs requirements, following Brexit, with all our supported couriers.  

    We are electronically uploading all customs item information – this is based on the item information in Cloud POS (weight, price, quantity), or the manually entered information on the create shipment page in 

    We have also reviewed all customs documentation which is generated, to ensure that the information on this documentation is accurate. 

    Important: We recommend adding the following required information as soon as possible

    Some couriers have said that the following information may become mandatory before the 1st January 2021, in order to ensure the smooth flow of goods into the European Union and to reduce any possible difficulties if items are presented without relevant paperwork during the period between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. 

    EORI Number 

    From 1st January 2021, there will be a requirement to provide an EORI Number with shipments to move goods between Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) or the Isle of Man, and the EU.

    This can be added to each of your store's information in

    This article provides you with further guidance on entering your EORI number: How to add an EORI number in the Courier Module


    HS Tariff Numbers/Commodity Codes 

    From 1st January 2021, there will also be a requirement to provide an HS Tariff Number for every item which is sent in a shipment.

    Any shipments which require customs information, a popup will show in POS in Cloud POS to allow manual entry of these codes.

    A commodity code can also be saved against an item record so that the field in the customs popup in POS will be auto-populated.

    This article provides you with information about managing commodity codes in Cloud POS: 
    How do I apply Commodity Codes (Harmonised Codes) for Customs Items?

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