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    Citrus-Lime Cloud POS - Printer not Printing?

    Here are some simple steps to run through if you have printer issues and use milestone servers...

    This article only applies to Citrus-Lime Cloud POS Barcode Label Printers and Receipt Printers which use milestone servers.

    If you find that your receipt printer or barcode label printer have stopped printing, please run through the following steps...

    • Check that the power adaptor is plugged into the printer correctly. Also, is the power switched on at the wall and is the unit itself switched on?
    • Follow the USB cable from the printer to locate the milestone server attached. Make sure that the USB cable is connected correctly to the printer and the milestone server. This article explains how to set up your Milestone solution printers - Setting Up Your Hardware (Milestone Solution)
    • Log in to Cloud POS to check the unit's Milestone Online status. 

    Navigate to > Setup > Registers & Barcode Label Printers ( 

    Locate the correct printer from the list and check to see if it is online:

    Printer Status - Online?

    • Open the cover on the printer and check if the Label/Till roll is installed in the unit correctly. Does the till roll need to be replaced?
    • If there are jobs in the print queue, click Cancel All Jobs in the Queue and clear the print queue.

    If the printer still will not print, contact the Helpdesk by clicking the Live Chat widget, located in the bottom right corner of the page.

    Printer Status - Offline?

    • Click on Edit for the affected printer and check the Printer Settings. The drop-down should be set for the correct printer. The milestone solution should be either of the following:
      • Receipt Printer - Aures Receipt Printer with Milestone Server
      • Barcode Label Printer - Zebra Label Printer

    • Check the status lights on the milestone server. There should be a solid red light on the front of the milestone. At the rear of the milestone server (where the various cables connect into the device), you should see a small red light which will flicker periodically. This light indicates if the milestone server has a connection to your network. If there is no network connection, this is why the milestone will be appearing as offline.

    • If the milestone server is connected to a network switch / hub, try connecting the ethernet cable into a different port on the network switch if one is available. You will need to restart the milestone server once this has been done, by disconnecting and then reconnecting the power cable to the milestone. Check the status lights again. Do you now see a red light on the rear of the milestone server? If yes, the milestone now has a connection to the network.

    • If you still do not have a network connection to the milestone server, please try restarting your internet router. In the majority of situations, the router will control which devices on your network are allowed a network connection. Occasionally, and usually as a result of an internet outage or power cut, the router can deny network access to devices, so restarting the router can help to 'reset' this.

    • If the above steps have still not resolved the issue, please get in touch with the Citrus-Lime Support team using Live Chat. Just click on the HELP button, located in the top right corner of Cloud POS.

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