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    Alternative Ecommerce Front End representation

    Alternative Front End Presentations vs Multiple Ecommerce sites

    What Alternative Front End Presentations are (and are not)

    Citrus-Lime can offer, up to 5x Alternative Front End Presentations that can be assigned to a single e-commerce database allowing for distinct inventory profiles to be presented.

    An Alternative Front End Presentation is basically a different visual representation of the same e-commerce database.

    Benefits of implementing an Alternative Front End Presentation

    To give an example, a business may want to have a Factory Outlet presentation that is separately branded to that of the main project in order to protect the main branding and also price point of equivalent, current season inventory.

    Each of the Alternative Front End Presentations can be :

    1. Presented on their own unique domain
    2. Implemented with their own visual design
    3. Configured to use their own navigation hierarchy*

    * though from a shared Filter Set

    Beyond this, benefits include:

    1. Simplified product management via a single Cloud MT interface
    2. Different implementations via Google Tag Manager (GTM)
    3. Implementation of separate CMS WordPress engines
    4. Unified Order Processing
    5. Alternate pricing structure – See how it works here
    6. Global Customer Records inc. Customer Log-in
    7. Shared Buyers Guides
    8. Shared FAQ
    9. Shared Image Gallery
    10. Single log in for Cloud POS & Merchant tools
    11. Automated transfer in when a transfer out is created
    12. [FEB 2023 Ecommerce Release] When downloaded to Cloud POS, a site-specific item will be added to each order to define the purchase location.
    13. [FEB 2023 Ecommerce Release] Separate representation of company email and name in:
    1. Email Order Notifications
    2. Click and collect confirmation emails
    3. Back-in-stock emails
    4. Password reset emails

    Compromises made with an Alternative Front End Presentation

    As with all things, though relative to the specific objectives behind each instance, there are compromises to the implementation of Alternative Front End Presentations.

    Because Alternative Front End Presentations are all attached to a single ecommerce database which is, in turn, connected to a single Cloud POS Group ID, it is not possible to :

    1. Set an alternative Primary Currency
    2. Utilise different Item Description content
    3. Implement a different set of Tracking Codes (such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel)
    4. Set alternative Find & Filter options against an Item
    5. Set an alternative Google Category against an Item
    6. Set an alternative Primary Category against an Item
    7. Implement an alternative SEO strategy for Meta Content, Product Detail Pages, Brands Listings Pages and other shared Product Listing Pages
    8. Set alternative Customer Rewards points for an Item
    9. Exclude Star Buy promotions for being presented
    10. Block SIM Stock
    11. Block Finance
    12. Block Coupon Codes
    13. Set alternative Mailchimp integrations
    14. Have variation in the:
      1. Presentation Style or Item Display Order on Product Listing Pages
      2. Focus of Automatic Landing Pages (ALPS) - ie. “Latest then Sale” vs “Sale then Latest”
      3. Item Count that triggers Automatic Landing Pages
      4. Number of items presented on Automatic Landing Pages
      5. Supported Coupon Codes or Gift Vouchers
      6. Supported Payment Methods (including Finance)
      7. Presentation of available Finance products
      8. Supported Delivery Methods
      9. Delivery Charges (via Courier Integration Module)
      10. Despatch Cut-Off Times
      11. Delivery Delays
      12. Warehouse and Click & Collect Lead Times
      13. Click & Collect on Status
      14. Presentation of Click & Collect stores
      15. Presentation of Stock Locations
      16. Representation of Customer Rewards notifications
      17. Assignment of a Primary Despatch Location
      18. Supported Countries to which you will ship goods
    15. View Online Orders (type or values) separately for the purposes of reporting
    16. Clear the Cache or Restart a Project
    17. Auto-activate or Fetch AutoSIM data from an alternative Vertical
    18. Upload a separate XML Sitemap file
    19. Set an alternative Revenue Target
    20. Implement alternative General Pages content
    21. Upload an alternative Returns PDF forms
    22. Present alternative Social Media links

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