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    How do I set the email address to which Click and Collect order confirmation emails will be received?

    If you have an ecommerce site with Citrus-Lime, you can control the store email address to which you receive Click and Collect order notification emails, on a store-by-store basis, from within Cloud POS backoffice.

    This means each store from which your customers can collect their orders, can receive an email notification advising that an order has been placed.

    Be aware that this functionality uses the Customer Services Email for the store, which is the email address that will also appear as the main contact email address for the store.

    1)  From Cloud POS backoffice, select the Setup, then Stores:

    2)  You will now see a list of all the stores within your Cloud POS group.

    3)  Click Edit next to the store for which you wish to set or amend the email address.

    4)  This will open the Edit Stores page.  Under the Store Details section, you will see the Customer Services Email field, as below:

    5)  The email address you specify in this field will be the address to which you receive any Click and Collect order confirmation emails, that are to be collected from that particular store.

    A duplicate copy will also be sent to the main email address that you have specified to receive all ecommerce order notifications.

    NOTE:  The Purchase Order From Address is not used for incoming ecommerce order confirmation emails, and is instead the address that will appear as the sending address for any purchase orders which you send using the Email To Supplier functionality in Purchase Orders.  See the Related Articles for further information.

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