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    Workshop Module // How do I create Mechanics or assign staff the role of Mechanic?

    This guides you through how to create a mechanic and assign the role of Mechanic to a team member

    The Citrus-Lime Workshop Module allows you to distribute workshop jobs to individual mechanics in your team.

    However, before you can do this, you first need to have created the Mechanics within Cloud POS Backoffice.

    The following steps describe how you to create new Mechanics in the retail system.

    1)  From Cloud POS Backoffice, use the main navigation to locate Setup, then Manage Mechanics:

    2)  The Mechanics section will open and display a table containing a list of any Mechanics you may already have set up.  Select New in order to create start setting up a new mechanic.

    3)  Enter the details of the Mechanic you wish to create, being careful to select the correct Store from the provided drop-down list (indicating in which store this particular Mechanic is based), and click Update to save the information:

    The Email Address and Phone Number stored with a Mechanic are not customer-facing, so you can confidently enter contact details for the individuals themselves.  Alternatively, you can use the General Email Address and Phone Number relative to the store which the new Mechanic Role has been assigned.

    4)  When you open a Workshop Appointment in the Citrus-Lime Workshop Module, you will now be able to assign a Mechanic to a job.

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