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    eCommerce // Update - 20th September 2023

    We are updating Citruslime eCommerce and Cloud MT. Here are the details of what to expect from this release:

    Citrus-Lime eCommerce 


    • Estimated collection details have been removed from the item page for Click and Collect only items.
    • Site deployments improved to include any missing files that are now standard across our platform. 
    • Logging improvements made to assist with filtering of logs used by the Support Team.
    • Banners added through the facet navigation will now show for brand URLs where the brand itself does not have an image set. 
    • Find and Filter page formatting and layout improved:
      • Duplicate titles are prevented, with titles appearing only at the top of the page.
      • Breadcrumbs moved to the top of the page, immediately below the title.
      • Ensured descriptions appear at the top of the page. 
    • Click and Collect messaging in the cart improved to explain “Click & Collect services are available during checkout for every payment method except finance” when applicable based on site set-up. 
    • Legacy Google Analytics 3 (aka Universal Analytics) code removed. 
    • Users will now be redirected to the cart should a card payment that is being made via CitrusPay be declined at the 3D Secure stage to prevent further errors.
    • Live Amazon orders could be requested for download by development sites configured incorrectly, resulting in orders not downloading into Cloud POS. We have now made changes to prevent this, with development sites no longer being able to integrate with either Amazon or eBay. 

    Bug Fixes 

    • Block finance setting on items is now respected across the website.
    • The 'Allow Finance on Sale Items' tick box setting is now respected across the website.
    • Click and Collect lead time amendments in Cloud POS will now show accurately on sites. 
    • A bug causing “And” or “Or” to be removed from search terms has been fixed. 
    • Two bugs have been fixed relating to the display of Customer Rewards points to be earned on the site:
      • Promotional value for Customer Rewards not showing correctly for Matrix items. 
      • 0 Value promotion for Customer Rewards not showing correctly on the product page. 
    • Review emails will now link to second or third sites where applicable.
    • Find and Filter pages will now show blank results when no items match a specific URL filter, rather than showing items with a partial match. 
    • A Star Buy promotion where both the parent and child are the same item will now apply the discount correctly. 
    • Investigation and improvements made to prevent errors noticed in logs due to missing first names. 
    • A bug causing the discount percentage to be incorrectly rounded down by 1% on some product pages has been fixed.
    • Coupons can now apply to Find and Filter URLs that include query parameters. For example “?discount=11”. 

    Cloud MT 

    New Feature

    • Work has progressed on a new API for Cloud MT which will allow for item updates and activation. We are pleased to say this has now entered the final stages of development and testing, with communication to follow confirming a future release date. 


    • Site restart functionality via Cloud MT has been removed. We've done this to improve the performance and reliability of websites in the run-up to the busy end-of-year period. It also allows us to run multiple instances of websites on different servers to further improve performance. 

    In the November release, we are going to be making further improvements to the speed at which some of the settings apply, but for the moment these settings will only update overnight:

    • Coupon Settings
      • For example, new coupons will need to be created ahead of time. 
    • General Fields
      • Automatic restart after changing the Minimum Item Value for the Forward Order configuration has been removed
    • Site Specific Options

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