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    eCommerce // Update - 25th January 2023

    We are updating Citrus-Lime eCommerce and Cloud MT. Here are the details of what to expect from this release:

    Citrus-Lime eCommerce 

    New Feature 

    • Site number helper items will now download on eCommerce orders for multisite retailers.  


    • Further performance improvements have been made across the platform, and in particular to the caching parts of the system.

    Information in the system is now updated every 5 minutes and is held in a fast-access local cache, which has allowed us to remove the slower page caching (for example, FAF pages were cached for an hour).

    These changes have been live on selected customers' sites since before Christmas to allow us to fully test the changes in a live environment before making them live for everyone as part of this release.

    We have updated site configurations across all sites to ensure consistent configuration of site settings which are not site-specific. This will allow for easier updates in the future and allows for future developments to improve speed, robustness, and recovery times in case of failures.

    • We have made improvements to code deployments to help speed up releases and reduce downtime. 
    • Removal of redundant code and background tasks. 
    • We have made style improvements to the close button on Star Buys offers. 
    • Improvements have been made to the presentation of Star Buys with a large number of available products. The option to view all products is now also at the top of the offers shown.

    Bug Fixes 

    • A bug that caused an error generating Google local inventory files has been fixed. 
    • US eCommerce site translations have been updated. 
    • An issue with the display of the selected custom options for custom build products, when viewed on mobile, has been fixed. 
    • A bug that prevented special instructions from downloading for Clear Pay orders has been fixed.
    • A bug preventing emails from sending for sites with long URLs has been fixed.
    • An error that could occur due to facets being in the wrong order has been fixed.
    • An error that could occur in checkout for an incorrect number of script tags has been fixed.
    • We have fixed a bug which was causing discount percentages to be rounded up. All percentages will be rounded down for display.

    Cloud MT 

    New Feature 

    • A new page has been added to Cloud MT to manage both site display and data options for websites. For multi-site retailers this now means you can control the following for each site independently:
      • Primary Email 
      • Contact Email 
      • Site Name 


    • The Cache Management page has been updated to reflect changes to how caches are now managed. 
    • The Quick View Stock Status Report has now been removed due to aspects of the page now being redundant. Additional fields have been added to the available columns on the Advanced Item Search so you can still access the information previously seen in this report.  

    Bug Fixes

    • A bug has been fixed that caused the ‘Close Panel and Continue’ button for editing FAF options to be partially hidden on smaller screen sizes. 

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