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    How do I set up Cloud POS to work with Bike Rental Manager?

    If you’d like to use the Bike Rental Manager integration, please contact your Success Team to get started.

    Note that the integration is currently only available for single ecommerce site use, although Bike Rental Manager are working to allow multi-site integration.

    Once you've got the process underway with the Success Team, you'll receive an email from the Support Team at Citrus-Lime.

    This will contain an API Key which you'll need to add to your Bike Rental Manager account, by following the steps below:

    1)  Copy the API Key Citrus-Lime provided, and go to Bike Rental Manager;

    2)  Go to Settings > Integrations and choose Citrus-Lime;

    3)  Paste the API Key into the relevant field, and then select your primary store under the section marked Shop;

    4)  Click Save to commit your settings;

    5)  Remaining in Bike Rental Manager, go to Settings > Payment ManagementPayment Methods;

    6)  Locate Citrus-Lime POS, enable it, and set it to be the default:

    This completes the setup steps required for the Citrus-Lime / Bike Rental Manager integration.

    To find out how to use the integration in Cloud POS, please refer to this article:

    How do I use the Citrus-Lime integration with Bike Rental Manager?

    If you're struggling to set up the Integration, please reach out to the Citrus-Lime Support Team for assistance.  

    You'll need to provide your Bike Rental Manager login details so we can complete the set up for you.


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