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    How do I find a Transaction to return it, based on the item sold?

    Improvements to Returns Process

    You are now able to search for a specific item and view all transactions for it, regardless of which of your stores the item was originally sold.

    Select Return Transactions from the main POS screen.

    This will open the following screen:

    Enter the item lookup code or scan the item's barcode, into the field at the bottom of the screen. Select Search Transactions and this will load the following screen:

    Select the transaction that you wish to return by double-clicking the line. Or you can click on the line once to highlight it and then select Recall Transaction for Return. 

    You will then be asked to Select Reason Code - Click here to find out more about Reason Codes.

    Select the correct Reason Code and then hit Tender Return. The Tender screen will fire, allowing you to either complete the return or select Cancel and Return to POS, which will return you to the POS screen so you can sell an alternative or replacement item.

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