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    Setting up your Blog

    Download Open Writer to connect your SimpleCMS and begin contributing!


    Please Note

    New blog setups are now configured via a Wordpress integration. If you interested in adding a blog to your Citrus-Lime Ecommerce site, please contact the Success Team. The steps below are only intended for users who already have an Open Live Writer blog activated on their site, prior to August 2022.

    Please click the following link:-

    Download and Run the installer (PC only. Live Writer does not support Macs)

    Start Open Live Writer

    You will be prompted to select a Blog Service.

    Choose Other Service

    Hit the Next > button

    Add the Blog Account detail

    NB: If you don't have them, log in to Citrus-Lime Customer Support Portal and raise a case requesting the details.

    Select a blog type

    Select Telligent Community drop the drop-down menu; 


    Enter your Metablog ASHX Path into the remote posting web address for your blog. As above, if you need a reminder of these details, raise a case with the Helpdesk via the Citrus-Lime Customer Support Portal.

    Then choose the Next > button:

    Select your blog




    Select your blog and then choose the Next > button :

    Open Writer will ask you if you want to post a temporary blog, just click no.

    Open Writer will then confirm the Username and Password and download all of the necessary elements required to get you started on your SimpleCMS contributions.

    Complete the process by choosing the Finish button.

    You are now ready to begin posting to SimpleCMS with Open Writer!

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