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    How do I tender a transaction?

    Complete a transaction

    When you are ready to finalise a transaction

    Click ‘tender’ button at bottom of POS screen

    This will take you to the 'Tender Transaction' screen:

    From here you have a number of options, if the customer is just paying using one tender type you can click the 'Pay Remaining' button next to the correct tender:

    This fills the full value of the transaction into that tender type, once this is done you can click the 'Continue With Transaction' button to complete the transaction, if before this happens the customer changes their mind you can click the little red cross next to 'Pay Remaining' this will clear the value allowing you to select a different tender type.

    You can also split tender, in the example below the customer has paid £10 cash and wants to pay the rest on manual credit card, i type £10 into the cash field and then click the 'Pay Remaining' button next to manual credit card, this enters the remaining balance of the transaction into this field:

    And again to finish the transaction, I would click the  ‘Continue with Transaction’ button.

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