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    Cloud POS // How can I search for an item in the Point of Sale?

    There are two ways to locate items in POS.  The first is the item quick search, which will search the item lookup code, barcode or item name.

    In the 'Scan Barcode or Enter Item Look-up Code' field, start typing the code or name of the item you are looking to find.  As you type, the field will begin to show you items as you type, refining the search the more you type:

    You are able to use the arrow keys to move through the items that are brought up and you can select the item by hitting enter. Alternatively, you can use your mouse and click to select the correct one.

    If you don't find the item you are looking for you, or too many items have been found, you can use the full search:

    The second way to locate products is to use head straight to the full search functionality:

    1)  Click 'Search All Items' on POS screen:


    2)  This will open the Item Search function:

    3)  To search, type into one or more of the search boxes and hit the Enter key, or click the apply link at the top of the left hand column:

    The search is 'keyword', so searching for a ‘jacket’ will bring up any items with the word ‘jacket’ anywhere in the description.

    You can also change the way it searches for that keyword within the search field, by using the filter option as indicated below:  

    In most case, you would leave it set as 'Contains'. However, if you want to be more specific you could choose one of the other options, for example using 'Equals' will mean that it would search for a description that matched exactly your search term. 

    Double click on the line of the product you require or highlight the line and click 'Select' at the bottom of the screen, this will then add the item to the transaction.

    Clicking the 'Local Stock' checkbox will narrow down your search only items you have available in stock / to sell:

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