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    eCommerce // Update - 1st February 2022

    Cloud MT and Citrus-Lime Ecommerce new versions are being released on the evening of 1st February 2022. Cloud MT will be available immediately, and Citrus-Lime Ecommerce will be deployed to all sites the following morning. Below you will find a list of improvements and bug fixes that you can expect to see in this update.

    NOTE: There are significant changes to the storage architecture in this release of CloudMT and e-commerce. Store configuration pages will not be available in CloudMT until the e-commerce update is made to your site on the morning of February 2nd, but item editing will continue to function. We'll be starting the e-commerce updates earlier to ensure that there functions are as available as soon as possible.

    Citrus-Lime Ecommerce

    New Features

    • Shopper Approved Site Reviews
      • New Reviews Page added to host Shopper Approved reviews
      • Shopper Approved badge added to the footer of sites where applicable
      • Implemented integration on confirm page to prompt the writing of a review
    • Currency conversion on non-UK sites is now supported.
    • Work is progressing at pace to enable Multi-Language Support.


    • In customer profile pages the following improvements have been made:
      • Order History page formatting tidied.
      • Customer Address line formatting corrected.
    • Find and Filter page sorting now only remembers customer sort order on that category
    • Stock availability messaging for items that need to be ordered has been improved
    • Mobile UI improvements made to checkout when paying with PayPal
    • Removal of code relating to end of life Customer Rewards product, this is no longer supported, with all customers now migrated to the new product. 
    • V12 Finance order confirmation page messaging improved to include Finance application reference. 
    • Removal of obsolete code to assist with ongoing product maintenance. 

    Bug Fixes

    • Process Order now called upon successful payment rather than on confirm page. This change has resolved a timing issue where payments could be taken but no order created.
    • We have also made changes to enable CitrusPay refunds if an order does not complete. 
    • Shipping selection not downloading into Cloud POS – this was fixed in a recent hot patch, but further code improvements have gone into this release
    • Salesfire feed improvements made: 
      • For mixed priced matrix items, the feed will now send the highest price in the matrix as ‘price’ and the lowest price in the matrix as ‘sale price’ so that we are sending Salesfire the full range of pricing across a matrix.
      • Removed un-required query string parameters
    • Universal Variable now respects the sales threshold set across all product pages.
    • An error seen selecting shipping options before page load completed has been fixed.
    • Back in Stock Notifications can now be requested again, even when requested in the past.
    • Google Customer Reviews Data - "Author" field is now set correctly.
    • A Typo on the Review section on the product page has now been corrected.
    • Postcode Look up on product page - clicking go on mobile will no longer navigate down to newsletter sign up.
    • Checkout disclaimer saying Click and Collect unavailable for PayPal orders has now been removed.
    • Display issue on Find and Filter page quick view pop-up when using iPad has been fixed
    • DPD Ship-to-Shop items no longer say they are available for immediate collection, this wording has been removed.
    • PayPal status duplication prevented in Point of Sale
    • A bug causing images to appear low quality in Firefox browsers has been fixed. 
    • Gift Vouchers amount deducted will now appear on order confirmations for Card and PayPal transactions 

    Cloud MT

    New Feature 

    • Payments Virtual Terminal now available in Cloud MT for CitrusPay. 
    • A Detailed Coupon Usage report has now been added to Cloud MT. 


    • Currency symbol and number formatting corrections made for international websites. 
    • Removal of obsolete code 

    Bug Fixes 

    • Out of Stock But Active Report  can now be ordered by price without error
    • A wording error in eBay template settings has been corrected. 

    Something to keep in mind if you integrate to eBay

    In the last release we updated the eBay API in anticipation for changes they plan to roll out on the 22nd February 2022.

    When you set an eBay category on an eBay product page in Cloud MT you get a list of relevant item specifics to fill for that item. Some of these are required to be filled in to list/update the item, and not setting them will result in the item failing to list or update.

    eBay are making some new item specifics required from 22nd February 2022. At the moment we don't see these in Cloud MT as eBay haven't marked them as required in their system yet, but you will need to set values for the item specifics as soon as they become available.

    We currently expect that this change will affect outdoor customers in the Sporting Goods > Camping & Hiking categories.

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